The history of NXGshell starts way back in 1999 when I started scripting extensions for mIRC. I put a few of them together and called it NeXtGenIRC. This was gradually added to for about 8 years until I felt I’d reached the limit of what mIRC scripting could do with version 2. I then embarked on a couple of DLL type front ends for mIRC with little success. Then project NXGx was born. This was to be an IRC client coded from scratch, providing all the features of NeXtGenIRC and more. Regrettably, work commitments got in the way. I had some unfortunate incidents with my own business, and also the part time job I had was encroaching on personal time and became very stressful. So much so that I put the project on permanent hold, and pretty much lost the small following of potential users I had. Things eventually reached a breaking point when I started to become unwell due to stress, and I then decided enough is enough. I closed my business down, quit my job and looked for another one. I eventually found a position as a developer with a company not too far away from where I live, and although it is a full time job, I actually have more time for personal projects again, and so… I introduce NXGshell.

So what is  NXGshell? Well at the moment it’s not a real “Windows Shell Replacement”. But it is a new, desktop like environment that will allow you to do all sorts of cool stuff. It runs on top of Windows, and creates a set of virtual desktops powered by a new 2D vector engine and a scripting engine that will allow users to create “Apps” of their own that run inside NXGshell. It also comes with optional plugins to do various things like browse the internet, chat with friends via IRC or social networks, fileshare, email, play/view media and other bits and bobs.

The real beauty in this is the “shell” is portable. You can keep it on a flash drive, and wherever you run it, it doesn’t use the Windows registry, doesn’t install any permanent files, and best of all it downloads all your registered plugins and apps from the NXG Cloud, along with your settings and sets them up for you on bootup.

So, where are we with this project? Sounds like a grand idea but will this project just die like the others? If I still had my old job, I’d probably say yes. However, this new job is just what I needed to give me some stability and some personal development time for things like this, so I can say with my hand on my heart that NXGshell is here for keeps. To see what happens next, check out the next tab called “Future”.

So what happens now? Now I have a mission to deliver this project in a reasonable timeframe. My faithful followers have waited long enough, albeit originally for an IRC client, but now I hope you will all support me with this new concept and enjoy eventually using it as much as I’m going to enjoy developing it. This site contains a small blog where I will update everyone on progress regularly, plus there will be updates on Twitter and Facebook for the social-networkly types. Stay tuned :)

As I receive questions, I will answer them on the blog itself, but they will be transferred here too. No questions yet.